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Free Face Masks with purchase*

Mask holders** are the new must-have accessory. They are just so convenient.. no more scrounging through your bag looking for your mask. Keeping it around your neck at all times is such a relief! And it will help you to easily comply with our new lifestyle demands.
We are giving away a free mask holder with every purchase you make. These free gifts are available in goldtone, silvertone and faux pearls*** while supplies last, and are not to be confused with our 18K Gold Filled holders.
These are great gift ideas for the holidays, or just the thing for yourself!!
Get them soon!
We have limited quantities.
* With any purchase over $50.00; one mask per order.
** Masks not included
*** Unfortunately, style selection may not be available. Send us a note with your order and we will try to do our best to accommodate your preference.