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Heads will turn! Wear the jewelry that is indistinguishable from solid gold.

Lifetime Warranty. The look of solid gold without the investment.


The Ever & Ivy way

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Joan Cohen and I am the Founder and Chief Creative Guru of Ever and Ivy jewelry.

Nourished by two decades of crafting and creating jewelry with purpose, I present my newest collection to offer the perfect accessory for every moment, occasion, and celebration in your life.

It is an invitation for you to embrace the many sides of yourself, with an understanding that there is more to you than just one thing. I want to help you celebrate your independence , strength, and spirit with Ever & Ivy because:

Every Piece is a Piece of You.


Designed by women. Superior quality.

Materials and Care

We stand behind our jewelry.

We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and extreme discoloration.

Ever & Ivy jewelry is high quality fashion jewelry that should last for many years. It looks just like solid gold because it is created with it . High quality precious metal - 14K Gold or Rhodium ( a member of the Platinum family - and more expensive than gold!) over a base of fine brass with no addititves or allergens. We plate with a thick layer so that it is virtually indistinguishable from the solid version.

As with your solid gold jewelry, you should always store it away from other pieces in the soft pouch provided to avoid scratching.

Also, as with your solid gold pieces, never use perfume, hairspray, insect repellant or body lotion when you are wearing them. Additionally, showering and swimming in salt water or chlorine will shorten the life of your pieces. Should they become discolored or soiled, just wipe them with a soft cloth and gentle soap. Do not use any chemical cleaner.

We are so confident of our quality, that we will offer you the ability to have any of your pieces re-plated should they become worn out through regular wear and tear. Just contact our customer service department at, and we wil look after it for you.

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Best Sellers

About Ever & Ivy

Ever & Ivy is an iconic collection of jewelry that recognizes how self adornment allows us to evoke confidence, beauty, inner spirit and power.

The perfect accessory to every moment, occasion, & celebration because

Every Piece is a Piece of You.

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Include a brief quote from a brand that loves your products



Elegant packaging

All our jewelry comes in elegant individual gift boxes complete with soft pouches in order to ensure that you will be able to store your pieces with care.

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